Blog Re-booting…

Hello again, Please let me apologise for not writing a post for 6 months!! Can you believe it!! Time flies when you’re… not writing blog posts. Oops.

A good friend of mine, naming no names (Lucy Reeves) has started a blog of her own, showcasing all her crafty bits and pieces, and has re-sparked my interest in blogging. It’s a pretty good read, so pop over and have a look-see if you like.

So here we go with the re-booting of this blog.Let’s begin with a few cute pictures of thing I’ve been working on whilst I’ve been gone (from the blogging world)


3 little crochet minions

3 little crochet minions

Sometime in November I was approached by a previous customer and commissioned to produce a pair of Minions for Christmas presents. If you are not familiar with Minions then I definitely recommend that you watch the Dreamworks animation, Despicable Me, It is really quite funny.
I decided not to follow a pattern when creating my Minions, as I felt I knew what they should look like pretty well. I only wished I had written it down as I went along with Minion one, as I forgot a few steps when making Minion two. I did eventually get a pattern down on paper which was lucky as I was then asked to make another two of these little chaps.

Triangle Flag Bunting:

Triangle Flag Bunting

Triangle Flag Bunting

As you may have seen in my picture gallery, I have made several sets of crochet bunting in the past, but all of them have been made up of square flags. The request for triangle bunting also came from a previous customer of mine. She had been so happy with the previous bunting I had made her, as well as the cute little owl hat I made for her son, that she wanted some more of my crochet goodness. She was very keen to have something none of my other customers would have, and so suggested triangle flag bunting in a combination of colours with added flowers… and this is what I came up with. I simply adapted the traditional ‘granny square’ to become a ‘granny triangle’ by working three sets of three double crochets in to the center rather than four sets of three. If that sounds all too confusing then I can post a tutorial, if you would like to see it let me know 🙂


Poor Blogging, Sorry! & The Owl Hat.

Hello, everyone.
I am so sorry I have not been keeping up with this blogging thing, It’s been a busy week or more at Tayler Mayde Crochet.
The Granny Square tutorial will be finished… soon, I hope, so do not fret.

But some good news, I have just completed my favorite item I have made so far, a gorgeous chunky funky owl hat for a customers 13 month old son. owl hat on tedShe messaged me a few weeks ago with a picture of an owl hat she liked, & asked me if I was able to make something similar. I had a little think & decided to go with a square shape so that the corners created the owls ears… after a few attempts at getting started, this was the finished product.
owl hat
I know it may sound a lil big headed, but I am so proud of this hat. I’m so happy with the finish & the quality of it. I was originally planning to make it with a single thickness of wool & single crochet stitches, but I’m so glad I didn’t. Instead I doubled up the wool & used double crochet stitches so it is super thick & cosy, this also made it quicker to knit up.

owl hat 2Now that I have made one I can’t wait to make more, new styles & new colours, It’s getting me all excited for winter. Since posting these pictures on Facebook last night I have already received an order or 2 more owl hats, so fingers crossed the hat orders keep on coming 🙂

Coming soon to Tayler Mayde… Granny Squares

Coming up on the blog tomorrow (hopefully)…
A step by step picture tutorial on how I make my beloved granny squares,
they’re ever so simple once you’ve mastered the basics and a great thing to begin with if you’re just starting out with crochet.
The tutorial will be for a single colour granny square, but I may do a multi coloured tutorial too if there is an interest in it.

To get you all prepared so you’re ready to go once it’s posted here’s what you’ll need:

  •  any double knit/DK yarn, what ever colour takes your fancy
  • a 4.00m or 4.50m crochet hook
  • a pair of scissors

and that is about it.

So go out, get some wool and a hook and get crocheting!!

About Tayler Mayde Crochet

Tayler Mayde Crochet is my little crochet business. I make & sell my crochet bunting, animals, cushions & cards to name but a few. Everything is made to order in a huge choice of colours with options to personalize. The name is a play on words combining my surname (Tayler) & maiden name (May).

I use my Facebook business page ‘  ‘ to showcase all the pictures of my little creations with info & prices, so if you fancy ordering something pop on over & have a look.

I plan on using this blog to share some of the crochet patterns I use regularly with tips & photo tutorials as well as some patterns I have written myself. I may even do some little lesson videos. I hope everyone finds this blog helpful, informative & a bit of fun.

Happy Crocheting