Blog Re-booting…

Hello again, Please let me apologise for not writing a post for 6 months!! Can you believe it!! Time flies when you’re… not writing blog posts. Oops.

A good friend of mine, naming no names (Lucy Reeves) has started a blog of her own, showcasing all her crafty bits and pieces, and has re-sparked my interest in blogging. It’s a pretty good read, so pop over and have a look-see if you like.

So here we go with the re-booting of this blog.Let’s begin with a few cute pictures of thing I’ve been working on whilst I’ve been gone (from the blogging world)


3 little crochet minions

3 little crochet minions

Sometime in November I was approached by a previous customer and commissioned to produce a pair of Minions for Christmas presents. If you are not familiar with Minions then I definitely recommend that you watch the Dreamworks animation, Despicable Me, It is really quite funny.
I decided not to follow a pattern when creating my Minions, as I felt I knew what they should look like pretty well. I only wished I had written it down as I went along with Minion one, as I forgot a few steps when making Minion two. I did eventually get a pattern down on paper which was lucky as I was then asked to make another two of these little chaps.

Triangle Flag Bunting:

Triangle Flag Bunting

Triangle Flag Bunting

As you may have seen in my picture gallery, I have made several sets of crochet bunting in the past, but all of them have been made up of square flags. The request for triangle bunting also came from a previous customer of mine. She had been so happy with the previous bunting I had made her, as well as the cute little owl hat I made for her son, that she wanted some more of my crochet goodness. She was very keen to have something none of my other customers would have, and so suggested triangle flag bunting in a combination of colours with added flowers… and this is what I came up with. I simply adapted the traditional ‘granny square’ to become a ‘granny triangle’ by working three sets of three double crochets in to the center rather than four sets of three. If that sounds all too confusing then I can post a tutorial, if you would like to see it let me know 🙂


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