Poor Blogging, Sorry! & The Owl Hat.

Hello, everyone.
I am so sorry I have not been keeping up with this blogging thing, It’s been a busy week or more at Tayler Mayde Crochet.
The Granny Square tutorial will be finished… soon, I hope, so do not fret.

But some good news, I have just completed my favorite item I have made so far, a gorgeous chunky funky owl hat for a customers 13 month old son. owl hat on tedShe messaged me a few weeks ago with a picture of an owl hat she liked, & asked me if I was able to make something similar. I had a little think & decided to go with a square shape so that the corners created the owls ears… after a few attempts at getting started, this was the finished product.
owl hat
I know it may sound a lil big headed, but I am so proud of this hat. I’m so happy with the finish & the quality of it. I was originally planning to make it with a single thickness of wool & single crochet stitches, but I’m so glad I didn’t. Instead I doubled up the wool & used double crochet stitches so it is super thick & cosy, this also made it quicker to knit up.

owl hat 2Now that I have made one I can’t wait to make more, new styles & new colours, It’s getting me all excited for winter. Since posting these pictures on Facebook last night I have already received an order or 2 more owl hats, so fingers crossed the hat orders keep on coming šŸ™‚


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