Tayler Mayde Tutorials… Granny Squares.


Hello, here it comes, a granny square photo tutorial!!
You are going to need a basic knowledge of crochet, for example; how to chain, slip stitch and double crochet. I will be doing some basic stitches lesson videos but for now you should be able to find some on youtube.
So grab your wool (any DK will do), your hook (4.00mm or 4.50mm) & lets get started!!

To Start
. 4

Chain 4.
Put your hook through the first link of the chain you made and slip stitch your chain in to a circle.

(This is the circle that you will work your first round of stitches in to)

5Begin Round 1.

Chain 2. (This will be the first stitch in this group of 3)
Double crochet in to the center of the circle.
Double crochet again.

(to double crochet you need to wrap yarn over your hook, put it through the circle & pull the yarn through, you then have 3 loops of wool on your hook, pull yarn through 2 of them, then pull yarn through the next 2)
Now you have your first group. (This round is made up of 4 groups & 4 corners.)

Next chain 2 (this is the corner)
Double crochet 3 times.
Chain 2.
Repeat until you have 4 groups of 3 & 4 corners.

To finish this round, put your hook into the top of the chain 2 you made earlier & slip stitch through to join the square up.

If you were changing colours each round you would end this off & begin the next round with your next colour.
But I’m going to continue with this lovely green.

… to be continued…


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